FTSCS 2015
Fourth International Workshop on Formal Techniques for Safety-Critical Systems

(An ICFEM 2015 Satellite Event)

Paris, France, November 6 and 7, 2015

Workshop Program for November 6 and 7

Day 1 (Friday November 6, Room 21.2.23)

09:00 - 09:05 Welcome/opening

09:05 - 10:00 Invited talk: José Meseguer (Chair: Peter Ölveczky)

University of Illinois

Towards Extensible Symbolic Formal Methods

10:00 - 10:30 Coffee break

10:30 - 12:00 Clocks, real time, Plasma Lab (Chair: Sofiène Tahar)

  • Min Zhang and Frederic Mallet.
    An Executable Semantics of Clock Constraint Specification Language and its Applications
  • Étienne André.
    What's decidable about parametric timed automata? (SURVEY)
  • Jalil Boudjadar, Juergen Dingel, Boris Madzar and Jin Hyun Kim.
    Compositional Predictability Analysis of Mixed Critical Real Time Systems
  • Louis-Marie Traonouez and Axel Legay.
    Statistical Model Checking of Simulink Models with Plasma Lab

12:05 - 13:30 Lunch

13:30 - 15:00 Theory, methodology (Chair: Toshiaki Aoki)

  • Klaus Becker and Sebastian Voss.
    A Formal Model and Analysis of Feature Degradation in Fault-Tolerant Systems
  • Hsin-Hung Lin, Yoichi Omori, Shigeru Kusakabe and Keijiro Araki.
    Towards Verifying VDM using SPIN
  • Jackson R. Mayo, Robert C. Armstrong and Geoffrey C. Hulette.
    Leveraging Abstraction to Establish Out-of-Nominal Safety Properties
  • Mattias Ulbrich, Schreiter Luzie, Sarah Grebing, Jörg Raczkowsky, Heinz Wörn and Bernhard Beckert.
    A Concept for Multi-Phase Incremental Formal Verification in Robotic Guided Surgery

15:05 - 15:30 Coffee break

15:30 - 16:40 Automotive, avionics (Chair: Frédéric Mallet)

  • Toshiaki Aoki, Kriangkrai Traichaiyaporn, Yuki Chiba, Masahiro Matsubara, Masataka Nishi and Fumio Narisawa.
    Modeling Safety Requirements of ISO26262 using Goal Trees and Patterns
  • Majdi Ghadhab, Matthias Kuntz, Dmitrii Kuvaiskii and Christof Fetzer.
    A Controller Safety Concept based on Software-Implemented Fault Tolerance for Fail-Operational Automotive Applications
  • Toby Wilkinson, Michael Butler, Martin Paxton and Xanthippe Waldron.
    A Formal Approach to Multi-UAV Route Validation

Day 2 (Saturday November 7, Room 17.2.15)

9:30 - 10:45 Railway systems (Chair: Étienne André)

  • Phillip James, Andrew Lawrence, Markus Roggenbach and Monika Seisenberger.
    Towards safety analysis of ERTMS/ETCS Level 2 in Real-Time Maude
  • Stefan Gruner, Abby Kumar and Tom Maibaum.
    Towards a Body of Knowledge in Formal Methods for the Railway Domain: Identification of Settled Knowledge
  • Roberto Nardone, Ugo Gentile, Massimo Benerecetti, Adriano Peron, Valeria Vittorini, Stefano Marrone and Nicola Mazzocca.
    Modeling Railway Control Systems in Promela

10:45 - 11:15 Coffee break

11:15 - 12:25 Software, wireless networks, g-HOL (Chair: Cyrille Artho)

  • Pablo Gonzalez De Aledo and Ralf Huuck.
    An Approach to Static-Dynamic Software Analysis
  • Xi Wu and Huibiao Zhu.
    Probabilistic Analysis of a Calculus for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Fahd Arshad, Hassan Mehmood, Osman Hasan and Fauzan Raza.
    g-HOL - A Graphical User Interface for the HOL Proof Assistant

12:25 - 12:35 Closing