FTSCS 2015
Fourth International Workshop on Formal Techniques for Safety-Critical Systems

(An ICFEM 2015 Satellite Event)

Paris, France, November 6 and 7, 2015

We received 41 regular paper submissions and 5 position/work-in-progress paper submissions, and accepted 15 regular papers (36.6%) and 2 position/work-in-progress papers. We also have a very distinguished invited speaker (see Invited Speakers page).

Accepted Papers

Stefan Gruner, Abby Kumar and Tom Maibaum

Towards a Body of Knowledge in Formal Methods for the Railway Domain: Identification of Settled Knowledge

Louis-Marie Traonouez and Axel Legay

Statistical Model Checking of Simulink Models with Plasma Lab

Fahd Arshad, Hassan Mehmood, Osman Hasan and Fauzan Raza

g-HOL - A Graphical User Interface for the HOL Proof Assistant

Toshiaki Aoki, Kriangkrai Traichaiyaporn, Yuki Chiba, Masahiro Matsubara, Masataka Nishi and Fumio Narisawa

Modeling Safety Requirements of ISO26262 using Goal Trees and Patterns

Mattias Ulbrich, Schreiter Luzie, Sarah Grebing, Jörg Raczkowsky, Heinz Wörn and Bernhard Beckert

A Concept for Multi-Phase Incremental Formal Verification in Robotic Guided Surgery

Phillip James, Andrew Lawrence, Markus Roggenbach and Monika Seisenberger

Towards safety analysis of ERTMS/ETCS Level 2 in Real-Time Maude

Klaus Becker and Sebastian Voss

A Formal Model and Analysis of Feature Degradation in Fault-Tolerant Systems

Etienne Andre

What's decidable about parametric timed automata? (SURVEY)

Majdi Ghadhab, Matthias Kuntz, Dmitrii Kuvaiskii and Christof Fetzer

A Controller Safety Concept based on Software-Implemented Fault Tolerance for Fail-Operational Automotive Applications

Pablo Gonzalez De Aledo and Ralf Huuck

An Approach to Static-Dynamic Software Analysis

Min Zhang and Frederic Mallet

An Executable Semantics of Clock Constraint Specification Language and its Applications

Jalil Boudjadar, Juergen Dingel, Boris Madzar and Jin Hyun Kim

Compositional Predictability Analysis of Mixed Critical Real Time Systems

Roberto Nardone, Ugo Gentile, Massimo Benerecetti, Adriano Peron, Valeria Vittorini, Stefano Marrone and Nicola Mazzocca

Modeling Railway Control Systems in Promela

Toby Wilkinson, Michael Butler, Martin Paxton and Xanthippe Waldron

A Formal Approach to Multi-UAV Route Validation

Hsin-Hung Lin, Yoichi Omori, Shigeru Kusakabe and Keijiro Araki

Towards Verifying VDM using SPIN

Jackson R. Mayo, Robert C. Armstrong and Geoffrey C. Hulette

Leveraging Abstraction to Establish Out-of-Nominal Safety Properties

Xi Wu and Huibiao Zhu

Probabilistic Analysis of a Calculus for Wireless Sensor Networks