FTSCS 2021
Eighth International Workshop on Formal Techniques for Safety-Critical Systems

(An ICFEM 2021 Satellite Event)

Somewhere, Some time, 2021


FTSCS'19 received 16 regular and 1 tool paper submissions, and accepted 6 regular papers, 1 tool paper (overall acceptance rate 41%) and 1 Work in Progress paper. Besides the paper presentations, the program also includes an invited talk by Prof. Sofiene Tahar on "Formal Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems"

Accepted Papers

Dorra Ben Khalifa, Matthieu Martel and Assale Adje.

POP: A Tuning Assistant for Mixed-Precision Floating-Point Computations

Rodrigo Saar de Moraes and Simin Nadjm-Tehrani.

Verifying Resource Adequacy of Networked IMA Systems at Concept Level

Shenghao Yuan, Zhibin Yang, Jean-Paul Bodeveix, Mamoun Filali, Tiexin Wang and Yong Zhou.

Automated Ada Code Generation from Synchronous Dataflow Programs on Multicore: Approach and Industrial Study File

Filippos Pantekis, Phillip James, Liam O'Reilly, Daniel Archambault and Faron Moller.

Visualising Railway Safety Verification

Elisabetta De Maria, Thibaud L'Yvonnet, Sabine Moisan and Jean-Paul Rigault.

Probabilistic activity recognition for serious games with applications in medicine

Emily Yu, Martina Seidl, and Armin Biere.

A Framework for CTLK Model Checking with QBF (Tool Paper)

Neeraj Singh, Yamine Ait Ameur, Dominique Mery, David Navarre, Philippe Palanque, and Marc Pantel.

Formal Development of Multi-Purpose Interactive Application (MPIA) for ARINC 661

Quang Thinh Trac and Mizuhito Ogawa.

Formal Semantics Extraction from MIPS Instruction Manual (Work in Progress Paper)