FTSCS 2018
Sixth International Workshop on Formal Techniques for Safety-Critical Systems

(An ICFEM 2018 Satellite Event)

Gold Coast, Australia, November 16, 2018

Please see the ICFEM 2018 web page.

How to get to Kyoto

From Kansai (International) Airport

This is the best option for people taking a flight from overseas, who then travel directly to Kyoto from the airport.

  1. By express train: Airport Express "Haruka" connects the airport directly to Kyoto station (75 min., 3,290 yen).
  2. By bus: The "Limousine bus" takes about 88 min. and costs 2,500 yen.
  • From Kyoto station, take the JR San'in Honsen (JR Sagano line) to Tambaguchi (3 min., 140 yen) to get to the conference venue.

See the ICFEM web page for maps and details

From Tokyo

This option is recommended if you either arrive in Tokyo early the day before, or a couple of days earlier than when ICFEM starts.

  1. By airplane to Itami (domestic) airport: 75 minutes (price varies between less than 10,000 and over 20,000 yen) + bus to Kyoto (55 min., 1,280 yen).
    Connections to Kansai airport are also available (see above for directions). Taking a flight to Itami or Kansai airport is recommended for people arriving at Narita airport, who want to transfer directly to Kyoto.
  2. By Shinkansen (superexpress train) from Tokyo: 150 min., about 14,000 yen. Trains depart every 10 minutes so this mode of travel is much more flexible than flying.
  • Both domestic flight tickets and train tickets can be bought as one-way tickets (flight tickets should be bought two months in advance for the best fare), so combining a direct transfer from/to Narita Airport one way, with a stay in Tokyo itself the other way, is easy.
  • A transfer from an international flight coming to Japan, to a domestic flight within Japan, requires passing immigration and customs.


A visa is required for citizens of countries and regions that do not have visa exempt agreements with Japan. The visa process differs from country to country.

For more information, please visit the Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs site.

If you are required to submit documents issued by the Congress Organizer, please send an email to the ICFEM VISA Help Desk (visa-application@t-e-i.co.jp).